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Year 7 Day 19 18:20


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 19 22:11
the message i got from my builder at the end of construction is still dated the 41

Year 7 Day 41, 21:01 : Message from Abav Ocheron
My team and I consisting of Adam Mollek, Acantha Mald Acae, Aerith Candroon, Abyssinian Synnott, Elix Elysar, Adam Pencron, Erran Burchi, Aeshi Afric and Adam Dane have finished construction on the Mine Sullust Meleenium Mine 07 in Meleenium Mining City 02, Ready for next assignment.


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Year 7 Day 19 23:41
Can I get credit for an aborted prospecting job? Saw 23 days, 23 hours and thought something was up... probably a rookie move.


Year 7 Day 19 23:43
crap, forgot about transactions. Should be fixed now.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 20 10:05
Thank you, Khan


Obediance is Victory, Victory is Life
Year 7 Day 20 10:29
Marick Forbes

excuse me sir i traded and i sent my credits but havnt recieved my vehicle , what should i do? i have to get to delora or wherever to get my mi'tils from my commander (im a hapan pilot) i need to get a ship to reach my vehicles.

Year 7 Day 20 11:34
Maybe the guy has connection problems. Who is it?


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Year 7 Day 21 16:30
I am still stuck with my prospecting ETA, just started yesterday and now it suppose to end like 5 hours ago. It says "Journey Ending" and it been that way for the past 4 hours.

Ryoo Garm


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Year 7 Day 21 19:14


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 21 19:59
I've got the same problem myself. It just keeps saying "Prospecting In Progress" with a timer that resets on the hour.


Year 7 Day 22 6:16
Duar Bracer

I've got still this problem. My tavern shoud be builded about 8h ago, but when the eta is comming to 0min it switches and shows 4h more left...

Ps: i'm not the one who's building it but it's owner

Edited By: Duar Bracer on Year 7 Day 22 6:28
Year 7 Day 22 17:39
aye, all actions are paused now. Hopefully they'll be back up and running in the next 24 hours.

Edited By: Khan on Year 7 Day 22 17:39

Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 24 5:32
Duar Bracer

I've noticed that building have been started again, but it looks like this problem isn't solved yet... My eta is still changing (comming near to 'finished' and then starts again and next time for compleeting is 4h and again...)

Year 7 Day 24 6:54
Auron Shadowbane

I have some problem too:

I started a building for my faction.
When I started it the eta was 10 days and 10 hours.
now it is 9 days and 4 hours but on the picture it still says 0% completed.

just a display bug or something more serious?


Year 7 Day 24 7:40
The ETA's will still jump around because they're based on timestamps, in the DB they're still paused though.


Kids these days!