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Year 12 Day 157 15:04
Recently I applied for membership SWC and I was turned down because they say that my handle does not sound like a name.

I'm sorry, how can you say that Geekus Alibaba does not sound like a name? I should know that it is a name as I'm the one that created the name almost 10 years ago, I am one of 4 people that co-owns an internet radio station by the name of RadioGalactica and Geekus Alibaba is our stations mascot, hell he even has his own Facebook page. To check it out just type in Geekus Spamus Alibaba, "which by the way is his full name" in your search engine.

Year 12 Day 157 17:27
I would guess that its the Geekus part - sounds too much like you are implying geek and connotations from that.


Year 12 Day 158 7:23
Ryan Roche

I'm sorry but how can *you* say "Geekus Alibaba" is a name? And if you took the time to read the naming rules you'd see using a noun and changing it as a part of your name is not allowed.



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