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Year 12 Day 158 7:24
Ryan Roche

Was wondering if HP increases only when you level up and/or upgrade your strength skill or it can increase by upgrading any other skills as well? Thanks!



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Year 12 Day 158 7:30
I've gotten +1 health when upgrading any of the general skills. Can't remember far back enough now to recall if I got more health from upgrading other skills though :\



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Year 12 Day 158 10:16
The HP equation is dependent on a few factors, and according to the rules increasing any skills belonging to the list of 'Stats Points' also affects your health in turn. However, it's important to remember that not all general skills fall into the category and thus only the listed skills will directly affect your HP value.



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Year 12 Day 158 11:19
Daehd Moroz

HP increases when you:

1) Level Up
2) +1HP every time you increase the following General Skills by 1 - Strength, Dexterity, Vigor, Speed, Perception, Dodge, Unarmed Combat.

(Update: the "Character Skills"*(http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Character_Skills) section of the Rules does not state that the "Unarmed Combat" skill increases HP, while the "Life and Death" section does.)

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Year 12 Day 158 11:31
Deleted Post
Deleted by Kinsa Rha. Reason: my reading skills in English... meh...
Year 12 Day 158 19:48
Kinsa, he took that from the rules pages...


Year 12 Day 158 20:58
Now if only such smartalecs made it to the Rules section...

Year 12 Day 160 0:20
Ryan Roche

Ah ok, thanks everyone!



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