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Archives » Noob help....I need it bad!
Year 7 Day 20 17:44
Pierce Taku

OK, I am looking to eventually start a business of some kind. I have seen mining businesses and all sorts of other types and I even see people hiring people. That is ultimately what I want to do..but must I make a faction and it be a business "technically"? I know nothing of this game...I started today. The controls seem limited, but I am most likely using them in the most wrong way possible. i am just messing around at this point. Anyway, please help! Thanks.

Year 7 Day 20 17:46
Pierce Taku

I am VERY new at this, but I must be going now. If the reply will be sent to me then don't continue reading. Otherwise, please send me your response so that I will be able to read it when I get back on. Thanks in advance

Year 7 Day 20 17:47
Pierce Taku

But I'll be here a little longer =)

Year 7 Day 20 18:15
Pierce Taku

OK im going but if it's possible to send me the reply then please do. Thanks!!!

Year 7 Day 23 1:15
Dan Neo

Check this page for faction rules: http://rules.swcombine.com/factions/generalities/

Specifically, it may take a long time to get a faction up and running. You have to have the capital, credits, and other requirements before a faction can start. You will also have to have a union of players working towards your goal.

But, if you are looking to trade things and the such you can do so by operating on the forums for commerce ([Forum], [RPG Centre], [Commerce]), the Classifieds, or the Galactic Market (http://market.swc-gm.com/login.php). Again, you will have to obtain the capital to sell such items, be it stocks, ships, NPCs, etc.

Year 7 Day 23 12:08
You can set up a freelance company as many people do. Just decide what services you want to offer, and get started.

However, you do need to have the ships and money to pay your employees from the start, but it is a cheaper alternative than starting an official faction immediately.



Year 7 Day 32 20:49
Kygen Barador

I know exactly what you are talking about...I am also messing around, its all very very complicated. It must be a breeze when you have been here for years. But its complicated.

Year 7 Day 33 0:54
If you really want a ship, just donate some cash to the game. Once you get some cash flow coming in you can upgrade.

Year 7 Day 101 16:31
Gleedo Dart

Can any of u guys help me? It won't let me start creating my character. I'm a noob by the way

Year 7 Day 112 13:48
Jag Darksword

Can any of u guys help me? It won't let me start creating my character. I can't get a template.

Edited By: Jag Darksword on Year 7 Day 112 13:50
Year 7 Day 112 16:52
First, please open new threads for your problems instead of posting in others' threads.

Second, are you able to create manually, without templates? That is advised anyway, since you have full control over where to put your skills, whereas with a template you are less likely to be happy with your placement later.

If not, are you getting any error message on the page? Does it work in Firefox?



Year 7 Day 129 19:21
Tim Gandler

ok I've made an account and everything, but I cant join the empire please HELP.

Year 7 Day 129 19:24
Step 1: Read the post you *just replied to*. Open new threads for new problems.

Now I have to go and lock this thread before it's derailed further. ): My apologies to the original poster.

To answer your question, Mr. Gandler, use the Faction link to your right, then go to Join Faction, and select the Empire from the list.