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Year 12 Day 160 15:46
Well i just ordered a batch of them and can anyone tell me how exactly the work? do i have to install them?

Year 12 Day 160 16:31
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
You can deploy them in your cockpit. They can be moved out at anytime. But Installation is basically "Deploying" the item. Once deployed you can Access the Control Panel and you'll be able to lock or unlock all your doors - that you've installed locks, simultaneously rather then doing it individually w/o a control panel.



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Year 12 Day 160 17:34
You can deploy them in any room and on any entity.

Year 12 Day 160 18:05
can you have multiple functioning control panels on a single ship in different rooms? an is it password protected?


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Year 12 Day 161 6:21
I do not believe that it is password protected, though something along those lines would make for an interesting suggestion/addition to the game.

As for multiple control panels being deployed in a single entity and functioning, a coder would have to post here on how they are programmed, or better yet, give it a try when you get them. :)

Year 12 Day 162 1:55
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Elijah, you are indeed correct you can have them deployed in any room.

As for your other question. You can HAVE multiple Panels deployed in multiple rooms. And they work as they can unlock in one and lock in another. I just tried it out.

However there is no password protection on the Security Control Panel. But that too would make for an interesting feature if one wanted to use it. Similar to opening a door.

Year 12 Day 162 2:42
You can't use SCP if you do not own it or its not assigned to you as commander. At least last time I tried it out =D So password is not really required unless they would let anybody use it who is in the room.


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