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Year 12 Day 165 14:03
My ship and I are on two sides of a planetary shield, and the planets Government is not responding. suggestions?


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Year 12 Day 165 14:12
At the risk of sounding like a smartarse... Get another ship?

Assuming there are shields covering the entire planet, then there's nothing you can do without the controlling group granting you access.

Even if there is NPC transport to the planet, which would allow you to bypass the shields and reach the ship, you'd then be stuck under the shield WITH the ship. Which I suspect is not helpful for you.

If the shield is only covering the square with your ship, and there are gaps, then you do know you can descend and cross terrain to it, then fly back out the same way?

I am assuming it's the ship under the shield, not you.


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Year 12 Day 165 18:46
Yes the shields are covering the entire planet. :( The problem is, the ship was won in a raffle. don't have the creds to get a new one, and I don't like the idea of selling an unusable ship. its just cheap.


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Year 12 Day 165 18:53
If you haven't seen it already, there's a thread in the Traders' Lounge with a link to a list of shielded planets with contacts (which might be someone other than the regular faction contact). Or if it's not on the list, you could post a thread there which may get the attention of someone with the appropriate privileges.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 12 Day 167 20:09
Out of curiosity, who is the government in question?

Also, if you won the ship in a raffle you can sell it at a reasonably cheap rate with the note that it's under shields and you might get lucky and find a buyer who knows the government and/or can get access.

Year 12 Day 167 20:54
I'm not getting rid of it. I really want the ship. The government in question is the Orphaea Imperium. 36 hours ago, I paid the faction leader 500k (big bucks for a newb) to get the ship flown out, as he wont let me in, and he hasnt responded since. Being patient, but tempted to list him as a scammer if he doesnt respond soon.

Another issue I'm having. How does one slave a group of ships? Do you need NPC pilots?

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Year 12 Day 167 21:04
Orph is now a faction? Or did the Hat finally eat enough souls to go rogue?

{EDIT} Ellias corrected me about slaving ships

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Year 12 Day 167 21:16
Thanks. Its important that I know. I'm director of transportation, so these are important things to ask :)


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Year 12 Day 167 22:43
Orph is a player not a faction. There will be a faction that is listed as controller, rather than just governor/magistrate. Also, sending credits to people hoping they will do what you want without first sending them a DM is a sure-fire way to loose credits - a lot of people take that sort of thing as a donation.

Send him a DM and see what he says.

As for slaving ships, you have to be in a ship of the same type (fighters and a select few freighters only can do this) and be in the same location as the other ships. THen just go into the Piloted Ships inventory and tick the other ships. At the menu at the bottom use the Set Controlled option to NPC controller, and they will then follow you anywhere; sublight, ascending/descending, hyper, docking etc.


Year 12 Day 168 8:40
You misunderstand, DMs were sent. We had an agreement, and he said he would be glad to revert a pilot for a fee of 500k. I sent the money, and havn't hears from him since.


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Year 12 Day 168 8:51
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
If you think he is a scammer and wish to report him as such, there is always the traders lounge.

Year 12 Day 168 11:22
Just got a reply. He says my order is being processed. I'm still pissed he wont just give me clearance. :( thanx for the help guys.

Year 12 Day 168 12:04
Orphaea is a pretty busy individual but he's very unlikely to scam you, especially for 500k when for him, he has more credits than most of the population combined. Along with running one of the largest government's of the game i'm sure he's finding the time (albeit slowly) to get one of his minions to move your ship.

Patience should be all you need to get your ship!

Year 12 Day 168 15:47
Zero Turner
Zero Turner
Getting access through shirld grids is often times impossible. There are reasons why they are up, in some cases to protect city designs and weakly controlled planets, etc. He did grant you a pilot to retrieve said ship, I've waited weeks in some cases to get ships or droids.

As a "Director of Transportation" you should plan ahead for shield grids. First looking at the forum topic regarding shields and by looking at the planet you're going to. In many cases a grid is easily spotted with cities every other in a circumfrance of 1 city square possibly empty surrounding them. In some cases scolling you mouse over a city could indicate a shield city, I've seen cities labeled SG or Shield City quite openly in the past. It doesn't mean shields are up, but to plan accordingly.

As others have said prractice patience. Waiting only a handful of days is nothing and Orph is under no responsibilty to grant you access and can easily leave the ship as is. Besides that I though he only accepted hats as payment, but that's another issue.

Year 12 Day 169 8:38
To those whom it may concern, I have indeed recieved my ship. I therefor humbly apologize for any rash statements made in this forum, as they were born of a lack of both patience and understanding. I would like to apologize specifically to Orphaeas for my lapse in judgement. That is all.


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