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Archives » Account was strangley declined
Year 12 Day 165 20:53
Hello. My account was declined. It said the reason was that it contained numbers are invalid characters. But I do not think it did. My name is Hep Envoy. Can someone assist me?

my email is davedamico1@yahoo.com

Year 12 Day 165 21:53
Someone likely clicked the wrong decline reason.

Personally, "Hep Envoy" sounds like an euphemism for someone who has VD.

Year 12 Day 165 22:12

Your handle does not match our current rules requirements. It was turned down because it either contains numbers/special characters or it doesn't sound like a name (ie: Red Wolf). Please refer to the Character Creation rules page located at /rules/?Character_Creation for more information. 

^ Is the message attached to the Numbers/Invalid characters. It actually covers several decline reasons in one, in this case, the "doesn't sound like a name".


Year 12 Day 165 22:12
Ok, I understand. Thank you.

I would also like to add that this is the second time I tried making an account. The first time I tried making the name Hep Nuruk. I beilieve the account was accepted. However the problem is that I accidently used the email address davedamico@yahoo.com instead of davedamico1@yahoo.com So to fix my problem, all I would need would be too send my Hep Nuruk password to davedamico1@yahoo.com and I will be good to go and I can play the game.

Thank you.

(also hep nuruk means cunning soilder in durese. :D)

Year 12 Day 165 22:23
Because it doesn't sound like a name to you doesn't stop it from being a name

Would you consider 'Alias' to be a name?

Year 12 Day 165 22:27
Thank you Tiali.

What will happen now?

Year 12 Day 166 0:19
You need to make a support ticket (link at the bottom right of page) including the incorrect email and the proper one with the account name and an ASim will fix it and resend the password for you.

And Tiali, not sounding like a name does stop it being a name, at least here in SWC. Hence the rules.


Year 12 Day 166 11:05
Thank you Elias. I did that.

Year 12 Day 166 22:19
When I can I expect them to send me the password?

Year 12 Day 168 20:27
I still havent got a response or email

Year 12 Day 169 20:02
Patience young padawan, SWC is wholly run volunteers and it might be a few hours before one of the A-Sims is online to fix your problem.


Year 12 Day 179 18:28
yes u banned me for being some one called john daygon can u shoot me an email thank you very much

Year 12 Day 179 21:01
Shuji Shizuka

It can't be John, he spelled his own name right.


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Year 12 Day 179 21:02
It can't be John, he spelled his own name right. 

But, he does seem to use grammar the same. >_>


Year 12 Day 179 21:31
Shuji Shizuka

Hmm. True. Maybe he got his lawyer to look over it, that's why his name is right.


This user is currently in the process of moving, and so is semi-inactive.
Year 12 Day 180 1:13
Deleted Post
Deleted by Jenos. Reason: be quiet John.
Year 12 Day 180 1:16
Deleted Post
Deleted by Arete. Reason: Foul language
Year 12 Day 180 1:22
Deleted Post
Deleted by Jenos. Reason: be quiet John.
Year 12 Day 195 14:13
Me and my brother have been trying to create accounts together. We live in the same house and have been declined because of multiple accounts on same IP address. If you could sort this out we would be very appreciative. My name is Josh Plague and my brother is Ben Plague.

Year 12 Day 195 15:37
You have to register as a multi-account. Register one account first, then register as a multi for the second.


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Year 12 Day 196 13:31
Alright so I did this and have received no response, applied for recover password, and have received a smashing total of nothing. :P Why do you make it so difficult to get an account?

Year 12 Day 196 13:53
Surprisingly, many people successfully make accounts on a daily basis!

Have you checked your spam folders?


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