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Archives » Problem: Factories income...
Year 12 Day 166 17:18
Hello everybody, there is something wrong with my factories income because i havent recive the creds that those produce in about 100-130 days... smomebody now something about these problems?


Year 12 Day 166 17:30
They produce an income? I could of sworn they didn't. Lets check this out.


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Year 12 Day 166 17:47
Factories do not produce income. Please clarify what type of building it is and make sure you run through all the checks found in the rules to ensure you receive the income.

Year 12 Day 166 17:53
Sorry about that i didnt check. Facilities... houses hotels etc


Year 12 Day 166 18:40
That's what I thought. ;)

Most likely you haven't followed all the steps outlined in the rules in order to receive the income in the past. Take a look at the rules first, then if you have any questions or need help please feel free to ask us.

Edited By: Elijah Shoryyhn on Year 12 Day 166 18:41
Year 12 Day 166 18:54
You need to be assigned as manager to get income, and be active at the time of the FI run. Your facilities need to be set open to all. You need to have an active operator. Your facilities need to be powered.

If you don't meet all those criteria, then you will not get income.