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Archives » You can't modify this lock
Year 12 Day 171 12:58
I'm trying to install blast doors on all doors of my station, I already had someone install blast doors on half of them, and standard security doors on the other half. He wanted to take a break because installing locks 24/7 is boring, so I let him. Now that he came back to finish the job he's getting an error message saying "You can't modify this lock." I assigned him as both pilot and commander of the station, and as both carrier and quartermaster of my toolkit, which he IS carrying, he also knows the passwords, and he's still getting the error message, I have no idea why it isn't letting him upgrade the lock. The only thing that IS different though is that when he installed and upgraded them last time, the station was owned by my faction, now it's owned by me, but I don't think that should be a problem, should it? Anything else I'm missing?

Year 12 Day 171 17:34
Bug base it, but I think other people have mentioned having similar issues - seems for some reason something has happened that onle allows the owner and people who can makeover faction entities can apply locks.


Year 12 Day 182 21:46
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