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Archives » NPC squads and weapon assortments
Year 12 Day 173 18:10
Suppose a squad of my Elite Ewok Space Marines, instead of being equipped with standardized weaponry, is equipped with a various assortment weapons depending on their individual skills. With this in mind, say I were to order this squad to attack an enemy squad of non-elite non-Ewoks. The the distance of the enemy squad is such that while they are within range of the Ewoks with longer-ranged weapons, they are beyond the range of those with shorter ranged weapons or even solely melee weapons.

What would happen? Would only those Ewoks with range-enough weapons fire, or will the others fire as well, with no hope of actually hitting their target.

Also, could I select specific Ewoks out of the squad to attack specific targets? For example ordering a sniper in the squad to fire at a long-range threat, while ordering the shotgun-wielding Ewoks to attack closer adversaries. If yes, would this apply to Ewoks in my own party as well, or only remote squads?

Year 12 Day 173 19:01
From what I have seen I would say that only those in range would actually fire. As for split firing, no - you use another squad for that.


Year 12 Day 173 20:42
So lets say I order the squad to attack the long-range target, and only half of my Ewoks fire, due to the other half not having accurate enough weapons. If afterward I order the squad to attack another target, now within range of those who didn't fire, will they fire, or will they be forced to wait until the fire delay of the other Ewoks is finished?

Year 12 Day 175 14:27
I am having a problem equiping my NPC's. I didn't want to start a new thread, so here I am.

The rules aren't much help, but how do I creat a desired fitout for my squad of rifleman?

I have tried many things, but nothing is working.

Thanks for your help.

Year 12 Day 175 15:00
Assign a tag to your NPCs in the NPC inventory, then in the NPC inventory click the manage fitouts button right next to the filter button. Any tag assigned to an NPC will be shown. Then click the fitout you want to change, and drag the items from the various categories onto the slots.

You click on a category to expand it, and it shows all the items in the category. Once you have your fitout made, you go to the party menu on the position interface. There are some orders you can give NPCs regarding fitouts:

Fitout: pickup only Selected NPCs will look for any items in the room matching their fitout and equip them appropriately.
Fitout: drop all Selected NPCs drop all items.
Fitout: drop and pickup Selected NPCs drop all items and then pick up items matching their fitout. Useful for when you change their fitout.

A tip is that when creating a fitout, if you assign more than one item to a slot, they'll try and get the item you added first, but if they can't find one they'll take the next one down the list. For example, putting a saber and then a sword in the primary slot means they'll try and grab a saber but if there isn't one they'll take a sword.

Clicking on an item in the list when editing the fitout removes it.

Year 12 Day 175 15:20
Thank you very much Phil. Worked like a charm.