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Year 12 Day 174 2:50
Wraak Animus

Just wondering, what determines the famous members of a certain race?

Year 12 Day 174 4:30
5 are the oldest members, and 5 are the ones with the highest XP level.


Year 12 Day 174 16:10
I thought it was based on activity. Was that changed?

Year 12 Day 174 16:26
I don't think it was ever based on activity...

Year 12 Day 174 16:54
Are they the five oldest since they spawned as that race, or does it go off the 'Account Join Date' which is carried across all characters?


Year 12 Day 174 17:07
Oldest since spawn. And inactive players will not show up. They must fulfill the time/xp requirements plus activity.

Year 12 Day 178 13:16
ya'know, I've always wondered .... aren't the more eldest also, more likely to be the ones with the most xp? I honestly thought it was the 5 highest XP and 5 richest (darkenss value wise) ... was it ever that, or am I just tripp'en on Ryll right now?

Year 12 Day 178 13:46
Lay off the Ryll.

5 oldest that are active. 5 highest XP that are active. Sorted alphabetically.


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