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Year 12 Day 174 6:53
Nick Kalir

What is the difference between dexterity and projectile, non-projectile, and heavy projectile skills?

Dexterity says you will be more likely to hit the target. The "weapon proficiencies", say the skill using the kind of weapon.

To me they mean the same thing. Any answers?

Year 12 Day 174 7:18
Without combat out, any such related skill uses will be pure conjecture as to how exactly they work. Its entirely possible that dexterity will not be used in combat rolls in that way.


Year 12 Day 174 9:55
Nick Kalir

OK. Thanks.

I was beginning to think that I was going to waste my skill points on the proficiencies when I already have a high dexterity.

Year 12 Day 174 17:08
Conjectures of their application aside, dexterity means the ability to aim and successfully hit a target, whereas the specific weapons skills (projectile, heavy projectile, etc) determines your ability to actually use weapons of varying complexity.

The difference is thus the handling of a weapon, and having the hand-eye coordination of hitting your target.

Year 12 Day 175 0:25
Hans Yond

zo you mean.. perception zould replace dez zhen uzing zeapon projectilez?

Year 12 Day 175 0:35
Please use English - this is an OOC forum, and attempting to use IC style speach makes things very hard to understand what you are trying to say.

But if I'm getting you right, at the moment no-one except Clarr and Sin know exactly what skills are used and how.


Year 12 Day 176 17:26
I want to reiterate my explanation in no way is a reflection or current or future skills-based rules. My explanation is only is actual practical definitions as they exist in real world/rp environments.

That said, perception would not replace my two other definitions as "perception" is the ability to visually or otherwise sensually perceive the environment one is in.

Year 12 Day 178 10:01
Hans Yond

my keyboard s key failed me..

i meant does or should, perception help accuracy when using projectiles just like dex assists non projectile weapons?

yes rules subject to change.. many times!

Year 12 Day 178 10:13
Perception will probably determine what you can see, not if you can hit. Of course, if you can't see it, then you can't shoot at it (let alone hit it).


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Year 12 Day 178 10:39
Hans Yond


i just wanted to know which skill then will (likely) boost weapon projectile accuracy or will there be no skill at all if there isn't already one doing it..?

Year 12 Day 178 12:56
Dexterity is the skill most likely to be used to improve your chances of hitting with a weapon.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.