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Year 12 Day 176 7:33

I just tried to set uo an account to play the game but my name was turned down, I know the easy thing is judt to pick a new name, but I would like to know why my name was turned down.

The reason sent was "Your handle does not match out current rules requirements. It was turned down because of the presence of a restricted name or adjective, such as "Lord", "Count" or "Darth", or an existing Star Wars character name was chosen such as "Luke Skywalker" or "Han Solo".

Oh, the name I tried to use was 'Stan Dard'



Year 12 Day 176 8:08
Possibly because it sounds too much like "standard" ...

Year 12 Day 176 10:02

Yes, Stan Dard is the point

Year 12 Day 176 10:07
And the point is that your handle is supposed to be your character's name and thus sound like a name, not like a common noun.

Year 12 Day 176 10:13

Are you part of game admin? or a forum user?

Year 12 Day 176 10:32
I'm part of the game administration (I'm webmaster and developer amongst other things).

Please also check the rules pages on Character Creation for further rules on handles.

Year 12 Day 176 10:32
You can't break a word into two parts and use it as your handle. It's against the rules.


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Year 12 Day 176 12:25
If you have to have Stan Dard, have that be your IRC nickname, something like Stanley Dard or even Stanley von Dard would probably work.


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Year 12 Day 176 12:46

I'm not that bothered, thanks for your help and suggestions guys

Year 12 Day 176 17:23
Yep, I rejected it because of exactly that. Were a few others that were a work split in two in that round as well.