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Year 12 Day 176 19:20
How do I put a custom picture on my ship?

Year 12 Day 176 19:43
Upload the image to a website somewhere (most use photobucket or imageshack). Copy the id of your ship and click on the CP amount in the sidebar. At the top of the new page choose the Exchange CPs option. Scroll down a bit and you will find the custom image section. Choose Ship from the drop down list, and paste your ship id into the relevant field. Then copy the image urls for your images and then paste them into the correct fields for the 100x100 and 400x300 text boxes. Then click submit and the Art Team will look at it and accept or reject.


Year 12 Day 176 19:56
Do I need CPs to put a custom image on my ship? If so I'm just going to have to be stuck with the normal design.

Year 12 Day 176 20:09
It costs 500 CP's to apply one (1) custom image to an entity.

Year 12 Day 176 20:11
Dang. I'll have to stick with the normal design.

Year 12 Day 176 20:11
Thanks for the help.

Year 12 Day 176 20:25
Um, you can do the voting, which will give you enough CPs to add an image within a few days.


Year 12 Day 177 13:17
Voting? What type of voting and where?

Year 12 Day 177 13:20
Click on the number of CP's you have > Support the Combine > click on all of the links (voting is optional, but 4 sites give you double CP's for actually voting) = CP's

Year 12 Day 177 13:28
Where dose it show how many CP's I have.

Year 12 Day 177 13:29
Ill just use the suport combine button instead.

Year 12 Day 177 13:29
There was no links they way I went.

Year 12 Day 177 14:59
To the right of this post,

Under your avatar,

Under your HP/XP/Level. It should say "CP" on the lefthand side. Click the # on the right side of "CP", Then, click "Support the Combine" at the top of the new page.

Year 12 Day 177 19:58
Thanks, It was right in front of me the whole time.