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Year 12 Day 177 17:59
I was wondering, i messed up with my stats so bad since i spread them all mostly on non-implemented stuff so i killed myself, i have 17 days for my respawn and it's horrible to wait in here, i read a little and i think i read that i could make another char under my same account is that true? if so, please tell me how since i want to start playing right away, i had a faction an assigned ship and all of the such, all i want is to start playing right away, since i want to enjoy the game and not wait 3 weeks to start playing again.

Year 12 Day 178 2:14
You will have to wait the remaining 17 days before you can make a new character in your current account, i.e. you log into your current account and get the option to create a new character then (that's what "making another char under the same account" refers to).

Creating another account before the death wait is over will only result in a ban for violating the multi-account rules.