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Archives » 37 Skill Points on an NPC?
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Year 12 Day 189 11:53
I've had a change of mind here: why not uber? It's equal across the board. THAT is what they do, THAT skill set, so it should be uber compared to more well rounded PCs. The NPCs have trained in that skill only, thus, their occupation. In fact, it is better that say, melee fighters are faster, stronger, better than the PC, so that the PC doesn't have to wait on them, or wonder if he/she hits, if their team will hit. Basically, if the PC is able to attack, so does your squad (if you place the #s right). I'm OK with this now, at least it makes sense.



Fights like Hurricane, Killing, Ecstasy, Insane.
Year 12 Day 189 13:57
Deakon Jarvis

whose the Hero?
NPC are rank and file lead by PC's, giving them all the skill points in one go in a small set of skills is just stupid. You need to level them, unless this going to be dropped?

Year 12 Day 189 14:10
Just had an image of a couple squads of crack (or maybe just on crack) Jawa space marines all going "Utini!" at once after entering an enemy ship with the sound echoing through the halls :D

Oh crap! Just given Heek ideas, haven't ah? Now there's gonna be a huge battle between Broms Ewoks and Heeks Jawas to determine the fate of the Galaxy

- tiali

This would be a battle to end all battles....

We all know the Jawa's would strip your ship rather than steal it. And I'm sure they would bring along some droids too.

- Ellias

Yours first Mr. Aubec, yours first...:p

Year 12 Day 189 15:26
In this game, ah envisioned PCs as the commanders/leaders telling their troops who needs to get blowned up first, otherwise, why has Brom and Heek wasted their time working on elite forces of space marines and minja* (respectively) if they will still suck?

*minjatm = mini-ninja

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