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Year 12 Day 178 20:35
Hey. I was fairly and understandably banned for breaking the rules. I wanted to also apologize as Im sure people like me are an annoyance to the hard working admins of the combine. It started out that I registered but it took over 24 hours and it wasnt accepeted so i got worried and made another account, later, they were both accepted. I never used one account to benefit the others, but tht dosent chang anything. After that it kind of just kept going, I got bored so I made another one. My accounts are Razer Zassk, Zesrick Zarsk, Valik Luk, Bringe Viridux, Jad Winrel, Hep Nuruk and Kad Ge-tal and they have all been banned. I know, sad. It says that I can get un-banned after the 30 days is up. Razer Zassk has been banned for a few days and I beileve that is my orgional. You have my word that I will never be making multi-accounts again, its just plain wrong. Im sorry Admins.


The Impatient idiot who made a bunch of accounts

Year 12 Day 178 20:36
the other apology was from my bro. We live in the same house but have different computers.

Year 12 Day 180 1:21
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