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Archives » An accidental multi-acount
Year 12 Day 181 17:41
I've been needing some help for the past week. I submitted an account, and went to check my mail for confirnation. Alas, I have forgotten my password to that email (yummymonkeyterds@yahoo.com), and the answer to my second security question, making it impossible to check my mail. Seeing this dilemma I created a new email. I then proceeded to submit a new application to join Star Wars Combine, which is promptly denied for the true accusation of an illegal multi-account. I did not mean to do so, and if you don't believe me, notice I never signed on to that account. I don't care which account gets rectified, but I would like to join combine, and I can't do anything with the yummymonkeyterds account. Please be resonable and allow me to join.

Year 12 Day 181 17:58
Make a support ticket (link bottom right) including your first accounts name and email, and the new email you would like it to use. An ASim will then look at it and change the email and resend the password.


Year 12 Day 181 18:32
The problem is, this happened a week ago, and i don't remember that accounts name.

Year 12 Day 181 22:39
Well don't worry about that. They can deal without it, just makes your case stronger if you did remember it.


Year 12 Day 182 3:43
Thank you very much for the help!