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Year 12 Day 186 16:52
Siarica Aylina

The combine needed his new hero...


I have given a name to my pain, and it is... Banman.


Year 12 Day 186 17:57
Kai Gurago

/me waits for the ban on sia


Year 12 Day 186 18:32
Kai will get one as well, they both used the B word.

Year 12 Day 186 19:56
Kai Gurago

I didn't say anything about a bug... Oh I did now


Year 12 Day 186 20:03
Drestin von Degistern

Just want to add my two cents on Jenos, this ban, and what-not.

First of all, as many can probably say, I am very grateful for the job our ASims, Mods, Admins, Developers, etc. do. I have been playing this game for years, all because of the wonderful work these people do.

That being said, this ban is complete bullshit. The evidence, as I see it, is as follows:

1) Kir buys a squad of XCeptors from Shuji, sends first.
2) Shuji is a known scammer, been on our list for a while.
3) Kir posts in the Trader's Lounge, saying that Shuji scammed him, and posts some COPY/PASTED IRC logs.
4) Shuji says "Did not. I see no credits. Don't blame me, it could have been a bug.
5) Kir goes to see if it is a known bug, and the ban occurs.

Now. I fail to see where Shuji is "waisting Jenos' time". I also fail to see where Shuji ever said that it was a bug. He did say that it could be a bug, but didn't blame the bug directly.

Please explain to me how it is, in anyway, Shuji's fault that Kir decided to go whine to the ASims. In fact, while you are at it, explain why this is at all an OOC matter, other than the fact that Kir got an Asims involved,


Year 12 Day 186 22:48
Shuji Shizuka

I would like to thank those that Supported me, helped me compile facts, etc.

I have however been warned not to let this go to my ego, so i'll just say thanks to everyone, and can this thread please be closed.


This user is currently in the process of moving, and so is semi-inactive.
Year 12 Day 186 22:51
As requested.

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