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Archives » Building problem (Problem Solved)
Year 12 Day 189 21:23
Hey, I'm trying to build a barracks, but I'm running into some trouble. I'm in a faction that has the DC, I've got the privs to build them, I've got a bulk with plenty of RM's to build them, and I've got accepted build permissions, but I still get the message 'You may not build that there'. Is anybody else having this problem?

Edited By: Kerian Modun on Year 12 Day 190 21:35
Year 12 Day 189 21:29
Check the building orientation.

Year 12 Day 189 22:35
Was the build permissions for you, or for the faction you are in building the barracks? And you are building with the faction owning the barrakcs yes?


Year 12 Day 189 23:30
I checked, and I am doing it right. I'm getting: 'An error occured: You do not have permission to build that here' when I try build for my faction (on page 2 of construction), and I get:

'An error occured: You are not allowed to build this facility, either because your faction does not have the datacard, or the terrain prevents you' when I try to build for myself.

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Year 12 Day 190 1:27
Yes, but did you place the build request for yourself or for the faction you're trying to build for?

Year 12 Day 190 7:38
I made the requests for myself.

Year 12 Day 190 7:49
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

There's your problem.

Year 12 Day 190 8:32
Ok, I re submitted the requests to build for my faction. We'll see if that works.


That worked fine, thank you all for your help.

Edited By: Kerian Modun on Year 12 Day 190 21:34