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Year 12 Day 192 17:03
ok so i posted this in the wrong spot still here is the post this time i hope i put this in the right forum...
this is the message i got in the inventory thing
You have sent 625,000 credits to the faction Arakyd Industries with the following message:
I bought some Meleenium for 325,000 and some quantum for 300,000 so tell me how much i got for each (my first time using centrepoint).
look I'm so sorry i kind of messed up i accidentally left my computer on and my friend got on and bought some stuff that he thought would help...yeah so I'm so sorry and it will never happen again i even changed my password he said that he didn't know that i would be screwed and he was trying to help so could i just not buy this stuff i even put the thing from the inventory screen here (above) it was on Year 12 Day 190, 13:31

yeah so i wanted to know if anyone could help me with this problem

Year 12 Day 192 17:28
You would need to talk to the faction about it.


Year 12 Day 192 17:35
i know i try to send the message but it says i cant send to them it says
You cannot send messages to factions directly. (Trying to send to: Arakyd Industries)

Year 12 Day 192 18:50
Try sending a message to Helena Gladio

Year 12 Day 192 19:31
ok i'll try that