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Archives » Sentinel-class Landing Craft and Hangar Bay
Mika Noris

Checking recently various ships characteristics, I came across Sentinel description, saying:

In its standard configuration, a Sentinel could carry 54 stormtroopers (approximately six squads), 12 E-web heavy repeating blasters, and 6 74-Z speeder bikes. When its seats were removed and it was converted to carrying supplies, it could transport 36 74-Z speeder bikes, or 12 compact assault vehicles such as AT-STs or AT-PTs 

It's pretty obvious for me, that converted - cargo carrying version of Sentinel should be completly up to GE R&D departement, once such feature is released, but shouldn't normal version of ship have a small hangar bay, of a capacity roughly around 18-20 Tons and 18-20m3 ?

On the additional note - S74-2 Speeder Bike (SWC name) - should be called 74-Z Speeder Bike (canon name)


The description clearly needs to be updated. Would you be willing to make an attempt at a new description in the descriptions forum?

Mika, thanks for pointing that out. If you have the time please write up a new description for it in our Description Suggestions forum and we'll take a look at it. Good work is rewarded with CPs.

Mika Noris

I think You slightly misunderstood me, guys.
I'm absolutely happy with descriptions, there's nothing wrong with them. (Both for ship and vehicle)

The thing I'm trying to point at, is that according to ship's characteristics/blueprints, Sentinel should have a small hangar bay allowing to carry few speeders,together with troops, but our version is simply lacking that.
So in SWC You can't dock even single vehicle into the ship.

I'm just curious, is this done on purpose, or just simple mistake, or maybe something else.


Lots of ships and vehicles have discrepancies in relation to their canon version. This is just one of those. There was an attempt, and there may still be, to canonize these entities later.

Yep, my ships stat changes included adding a hanger bay to the Sentinel. Lamet the cancellation of that project.


I'm lamenting so hard right now. So hard.

Mika Noris

Yeah, that pretty much answers my question. Thanks guys.
And don't You worry Elias, ships stats change/update/canonization is dispute subject for more than 6 years now, so I got use to that :D