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Archives » Has this bug been fixed? Please Close.
Kyp Arkanus

A week or so ago, there was some sim news about aborting or completing a door while in hyperspace would "fling" you out of the galaxy, I was just wondering if this had been fixed or not? Thanks.

Seen the bug was fixed, thanks to all.

Edited By: Kyp Arkanus on Year 12 Day 211 5:21

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Year 12 Day 203 13:40
There should be an announcement when it is fixed.

Year 12 Day 203 14:22
Kyp Arkanus

I didn't know if there would be an announcement or not, I've had some support tickets closed with the problem fixed and I don't recall seeing an announcement in the sim news or anything, but it was a totally different kind of problem. Thanks Jevon, for your quick reply... You always seem to answer my questions. Thanks.


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Year 12 Day 203 15:35
I have been doing doors while in hyper and everything went fine, though dont hold me responsible if it wont be the same for you =P


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Year 12 Day 204 3:12
Same here, all goes well but another pilot I know still faced problems. He doesn't have the same privs as I do though, maybe that has something to do with it.


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Year 12 Day 204 21:16
Kyp Arkanus

Well, just to let everyone know....I went ahead and tried to build a door in my ship while traveling in hyperspace and....wait for it.... everything worked just fine. Hooray! Actually had to build twice, I failed the first time, but the blast door is in now. Yahoo!


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Year 12 Day 211 9:44
As requested.