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Year 12 Day 217 14:39
Mia StormChaser

Hello all,

Just started playing, so sorry if this question as already been posted, but is their a market at every city? I started off on one of the cities on Tatoonine, and after leaving the starport, couldn't find one, so am currently on route to Ryloth....

Also, can you/how do you travel from one planet's city to another (ie on the same planet...all I could discover was how to leave one city on one planet, for another planet....

Year 12 Day 217 14:49
Mia, feel free to ask all the questions you would like. The game is very detailed and it takes a while to get used to it all.

I would like to say that there is a market in every NPC (non-player character) owned city. Those would be like the starting cities on race homeworlds, but I'm not entirely for sure.

To move to another city, move to the very outer edge of the city then select Cross Terrain. You'll then see some highlighted planetary grid squares, click or enter in the coordinates for the one you would like to travel to. However, be cautious not to enter a grid square that does not have a city on it. Cities protect you from the environment whereas open squares will not, and you may suffer HP loss depending on your race and the type of terrain. More on that can be found in the rules at this link.

Year 12 Day 261 14:41
is there somewhere that has a list of NPC (non-player character) owned city , Planet , City ect . I'm have'n one bugg'r of a time find'n this and other places lol


Year 12 Day 261 14:46
Most race starting cities are NPC owned. Very few, if any, other cities are. If you need something, your best bet, really, is to join a faction. Most will provide at least the basics of what you need, some give items, and at the very least they should be able to get you into the game, teach you features, and pay you so that you can buy the things you want later down the line.


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Year 12 Day 261 17:47
All the NPC cities (bar the odd exception) are on homeworlds, and they should have a differnet icon on the map as they hold the NPC starport.