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Year 12 Day 220 13:32
Galthar Spech

One of the conditions for building a city is that you must obtain the planetary government's permission. If this is the case, how can faction slabbomb their enemy's planet and wrest control?


Year 12 Day 220 13:39
Generally by the enemy miscalculating flats/power and temporarily losing control of the planet.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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Year 12 Day 220 13:40
Galthar Spech

So it's kind of a waiting then striking at the right time thing?


Year 12 Day 220 13:54

Yes, that or infiltrating the faction and causing control to be lost through those methods.


Year 12 Day 220 14:26
Or bribe someone on the inside to intentionally mess up. *looks left, looks right* I hear that can be effective......
It would not be inconceivable to pay a hardworking, dishonest person on the inside a few million to intentionally mess up and build say a hotel instead of a power gen. Especially if they are newer and dont have a big attachment to their faction and they dont realize how cheap just a few mil is.
There are very few factions I know of that would execute, or even punish, one of its members for an honest mistake if they seemed really sorry for building the wrong building. The right price to the right person, a lot more effective than just waiting around.
--Arch, out.