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Archives » Facility Income late for December?
In my limited experience with facility income (3 maybe 4 months), they seem to be distributed up to 24 hours before the end of the month. For example, I think I got facility income for November on November 29th at 8PM Eastern (US) time.

Well, I didn't see anything for December on the 30th, 31st or so far on January 1st (it is now 1:25PM Eastern).

Any insights? I didn't see anything on the news about it being late, suspended, etc.

Dan Neo

Roy try this link:



I would have sworn I'd seen it earlier than the first of the month though...checked my events...Day 364 was the last income day. my math is probably wrong, but wouldn't day 364 have been November 29th or 30th?

Today (January 1) is day 31.
31 days ago would have been December 1 and Year 7 Day 1 or Year 6 Day 365.
Either way, day 364 is in November, not the first of the month.

Only a handful of the NAO's facilities ran. Those that ran were run TWICE. We're missing alot of facility income...


Patriarch of House Ismay
Kyle Rainer

Roy, Combine Time is 7 hours behind GMT, it actually runs or is supposed to run on the 1st of every month at 00:00:00 GMT. Obviously it messed up this time though Combine Time it will run the last day of the month at 17:00, so the day will appear off by 1 due to timezones.

So for example as far as the server is concerned it runs Day 30 at 17:00:00 since that time would be Jan 1st 0:00:00 GMT. If it helps the server and the combine is running on Arizona (Mountain Standard) time, at least for now.

Avance Coalition got same problem as NAO as well.

Auron Shadowbane

Haven has had the same problem. only the facilitites in the systhem, where I (operator) was at the time the calc was done, gave facility income but all the rest did not.



BK was looking into it yesterday, not sure if its fixed yet but its at least being worked on.


Haven has had the same problem. only the facilitites in the systhem, where I (operator) was at the time the calc was done, gave facility income but all the rest did not. 

Interesting, there had been some discussion about limitations or other similar things being done (otherwise a group could simply assign every facility they own, whether 1 or 500 to the person with the highest trade skill).
None of the ideas developed enough to be implimented.


I thought about after I finished my post. 00:00 GMT is 7PM Eastern the day before.

I got income from facilities I wasn't anywhere near, so that's not the case. And I'd hope they would tell us first -_-


Patriarch of House Ismay
So would I (hope they'd tell us), that's why I doubt that was the issue.

Darek Xearz

Enigma had the same problem, the income we received was from several different systems, and some buildings in teh same cities didn't generate income. It definitly doesn't depend on location.

Yep, this is a known bug and last I knew it's still being looked into. I'm sure there will be something on the Sim News when it's taken care of, but a lot of people are on vacation right now or otherwise indisposed.