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Archives » Account: Loggin in without origianl email address?
Deakon Jarvis
Deakon Jarvis
Im just curious in a few months time Im packing up and ridding things to head overseas to Europe, so my net connection and email will be terminated except Yahoo. Is there any guide lines I need to do like register as a multi for I be on net cafe access?

i don't see why changing your email would be a problem. just change your email address in the settings before you go. hopefully one of the Admin's will confirm this, but since you don't log in using an email address i couldn't imagine that it even has to be an active email address after the initial setup.


Yeah I have changed my E-mail address multiple times and the E-mail address that I used to sign up doesn't exist anymore and I have not had any problems. With the net cafe access, if you are going to be near someone else in the combine, I would sign up as a multi. Just send an E-mail to the Multi team and they will be able to sort it out for you.

CHanging your email is fine, and it just re-routes all emails SWC sends to that new one instead.

As for net cafe stuff, generally ASims can tell when its something like that since it will be obivious with an IP check. You can make a support ticket if you wish to avoid any entanglements altogether.