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Year 12 Day 229 7:54
I am trying to figure out how long it will take to produce an object, but when I got to the Production Mod, I cant figure it out.

Production Mod: A modifier based on the class and size of the product. These are fixed numbers that are not adjustable by players.

Sooo where would I find out what that is?
I assume it isnt the Time Delay so I am curious how to finish the equation.


Also the NPC mod

• NPC Mod: The number of NPC workers used in production has a large effect on the time of production. Every entity has an ideal number of NPCs (See Production: Ideal Number of NPCs) that are required to produce it, and there are severe effects on the production time when trying to use significantly more or fewer NPCs.

Soooo... do I put in the # of workers? or is the mod based off how many workers.

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Mass Production Factor
Okay... is that factor a whole number? is it the number of things I am making at once? a fraction? shouldnt this all be listed?

This seems silly to list an equation but make it not possible to figure out.
--Arch, out.

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Year 12 Day 229 19:35
These are hidden values, that are a bitch to calculate since you need to work out 2 variables at the same time. Plus the fact that the NPC mod will have some form of squared function since numbers both above and below the optimum number will increase the time.