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Year 12 Day 231 2:08
I have a problem. I was on a two person ship and created four NPCs. When I left the ship I was not able to reenter or kick a passenger because there were 4/2 passengers and therefore the ship was not full. The handles are Sweetie Kowe, Tiny Kowe, Cutie Kowe, and Silly Kowe. The ship is the A-24 Perseverence.


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Year 12 Day 231 2:22
Ids would be better, and support ticket is likely to get their attention much quicker than a thread.


Year 12 Day 231 8:57
Ellias is correct! Get that done and we'll see to your overstuffed vessel.


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Year 12 Day 231 8:59
Shuji Shizuka

My first thought was:



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Year 12 Day 231 9:07
Reminds me of the time me, Dulgan Swift and an NPC were all in an escape pod together. Bit cramped, but who cares? And anyway, wouldn't there be a restriction with spawning NPCs which would go over the entity's passenger capacity? Or is that something to be added?


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Year 12 Day 231 17:53
Likely was custom NPCs.


Year 12 Day 232 6:27
What is a support ticket? Ids are 1450695, 1438328, 1437109, 1445673 for the npcs and 136698 for the ship


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Year 12 Day 232 6:40
At the bottom of the side bar (right hand menu) on every page is a bug and support section. Use the Contact Support to file a ticket. Here's the link too.


Year 12 Day 232 6:42
Oh, thanks, Elijah.


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Year 12 Day 232 7:00
HHave sent in support ticket.


Did you bring the cake? O_o