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Archives » LIN-series Miner Droid and Mining
Year 12 Day 237 14:19

9.2/ Droids
Having a LIN-series Miner droid present and assigned to a mine reduces the chance of a collapse event, and increases the chance of a new deposit being discovered.

- http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Mining#Droids

The rules aren't very clear on this subject. Does the droid need to be selected before starting the mine (similar to selecting NPCs for construction) and thus counts as one of the miners (dirt haulers), or is the mere presence of the droid within the mine sufficient? If the latter is true how do you assign the droid to the mine? What if an individual owns the mine? Do the manager/supervisor need to be the mining faction and an individual within that faction respectively?

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Year 12 Day 237 14:21
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Droid adding has its own section in the mine and doesnt count to the 12 miner limit.

They are added in much the same way as dirt haulers but only on a separate tab. No idea who needs to own or supervise the droids.

Ben Camden
Ben Camden
The guy adding the LIN needs to be its operator, obviously. Beyond that I do not believe there are any restrictions (mining faction needs neither be manager nor owner).
Basically, same restrictions as dirt haulers I guess.


Senior Governor Ben Camden
Regional Government
After having started the mine I see what you mean Ka`rla and Ben. Need to be operator so you can assign them to the mine, and there is the place to assign them just like the dirt haulers. Thank you both for the help.