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Year 12 Day 237 23:49
So since i started playin i've heard about about hidden planets/systems, now i know there is the "silly rabbit" area thats on the galaxy map. But are there any others? Read in a recent post that Korriban is a hidden planet, is this true?

Year 12 Day 237 23:56
Didn't they unveil all hidden planets/systems some time ago?

Year 12 Day 237 23:57
That is what im trying to find out :P

Year 12 Day 238 1:42
There are no longer any hidden systems, all of them were reveled some time ago.

Year 12 Day 238 2:03
Everything was revealed several months ago. The Silly Rabbit sector is just an admin sector that is a holdover from dev server. It will not be present in the new galaxy.

Saying that, come the new galaxy, once its synced to main, new planets/systems will be added, which (from our discussions so far) will intially be hidden, and become revealed either when built on, or as soon as someone arrives there. However, that will be told to everyone once we get to that stage.


Year 12 Day 245 9:00
Thomas Redwood

Does anyone have the cordinates for korriban ?

Edited By: Thomas Redwood on Year 12 Day 245 9:01


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Year 12 Day 245 9:16
There is no Korriban.

Year 12 Day 245 14:18
The current coordinates use the numbers 69 & 666, but you have to figure out if there are any '-'s or not and where they are placed, after the GGR it's location will be not be where it was (or will it?)

Year 12 Day 245 15:38
Thomas Redwood




You will become my force of retribution. Where you tread, doom will follow. Go now and claim your destiny death knight."
Year 12 Day 245 17:58
Ignore Tiali - as always she spouts completely useless and wrong information. As Mikel said Korriban does not exist at the moment, but will come the changes to the galaxy.


Year 12 Day 245 22:15
it was just a freaking joke, to see if anyone would actually go check out those coordinates, Goddess some people take everything so seriously

Year 12 Day 245 22:47
Clearly they're very important people who should be taken very seriously!

( joke! )


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Year 12 Day 245 23:40
Thank you Arete :)

Year 12 Day 246 1:08
Tiali, joking in some place like the General forum is ok. But doing so here, where players who are unsure of the nuances of the game will inevitably lead to confusion when those players take your word as gospel truth and attempt to apply it.

These forums are to help players understand the rules and how various features work, with a minimal amount of fuss and confusion.


Year 12 Day 246 13:39
How close are the devs placing the new Galaxy into play?

Year 12 Day 246 17:09
Ellias would be the person to ask, though he's said before that after he was done there'd be a month or so before the changes would actually sync across, to allow people to prepare themselves. I don't know if that's still the case.

Year 12 Day 246 19:10
It is still the case. We're getting very close. I've done about 3/4 of GEs changes now, and just waiting on some last groups to get back to me with their planet lists etc - I know roughly where they want to go, just need to sort them out. Though if they don't respond soon, I'll just make up some stuff for them.


Year 12 Day 249 15:55
Hopefully no one with a character in the game will be involved in the adding of these initially hidden planets. Once the original planets were revealed it was no surprise that the usual suspects owned most of them.

If we are going down the hidden planet road again it needs to be done fairly this time.


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Year 12 Day 249 16:52
Yes we will. However Jesfa's plan is for us to build up a pool of systems, and he or the system randomly chooses which ones to add to the game. SO though players may know where they all are, they won't know which ones are added.


Year 12 Day 250 1:43

But will be able to regularly check the ones they care about, in or near their own sectors, and almost certainly be the ones to find them. Even if it takes some time that's a lot less then those who have to actually search the sectors repeatedly.

Their co-ordinates within the sector would need to be at least somewhat randomized as well for it to be reasonably fair, even if that meant relocating them to their canon position upon discovery.


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