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Year 12 Day 251 13:17
should really not add hidden planets. they were taken away and let them stay taken away.

the galaxy has already been searched more or less completely for hiddens, this will just be the 3rd time 1st during ICIS/etc and 2nd with darkness, and the same things will happen again.


Year 12 Day 251 17:34
Tyr, they won't remain hidden. Jesfa's plan was for them to become visible as soon as someone visted the system. It would just be a way to slow down the rush to grab the planets as soon as they are added.


Year 12 Day 251 23:02
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl exactly the same situation.

Year 12 Day 252 0:07 isn't

The original situation had it that the hidden systems remained hidden, even after all planets were totally slabbed over

In this situation, as soon as they are discovered, they are revealed to everyone, and stop being hidden

Year 12 Day 252 0:37
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Which doesn't change what Ral said one bit.

Year 12 Day 252 12:06
Which is a completely legitimate point to bring up and one i'll be discussing with the galaxy team/admin staff in order to address the concerns raised in this thread.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 252 14:10
Tiali, not exactly true either. for example back during the ICIS days you could manually add coordinates of hidden systems to your galaxy map.

so basically what you are saying is that if I, or any other group does not continuously, from the arrival of the new galaxy, scouts each galaxy square not only once but over and over and over until the end of the galaxy we might end up with someone else who arrives, finds and claim/slab bomb planets and systems which might be my "core" space? and even if I would dedicate lots and lots of manpower continuously we could still end up with that scenario.

fun fun. I see so many decisions and suggestions going towards making this game more interesting and fun lately, except for maybe a selected few.


Year 12 Day 252 18:02
Tyr, its highly unlikely that any of these new planets and systems will be added to sectors that are taken after the galaxy change. WIth around half the sectors being empty, I don't see it being an issue for loosing your total control of a sector for many many years to come. And by then you may even be able to shoot the trespassers.


Year 12 Day 253 12:09
As someone already said, you only need to scout your own sector/systems if you don't want someone else claiming a previously-undiscovered planet within your sphere of control

If you have such a huge sphere that scouting it would be a problem, then having even a couple new planets appear would hardly be a problem

Year 12 Day 255 13:32
Tiali, only scouting your own sectors... you do know how much time that requires right? Its not like you can do it any longer as you could back in the ICIS days, basically write a little script which allowed you to stay logged in and methodically visited each square in the galaxy.

also it is not enough that you do it once, you need to do it continuously for ever and ever. unless the admins state that from now on there will not be any new systems added.

Elias, as I understood it not all planets in each sector will necessarily be added in this round. That is the answer I got from Jesfa, if remembering it right and understood it right. and it is not about loosing control over sectors, even if that could happen for sure. Its about that suddenly there might be numerous of planets deep inside someones core space that anyone can slab bomb as they want and create a big mess or build up a big bad military planet, with no respect to the fact that a group might have controlled the area for a long time.

not to mention what is the policy about new planets and systems as more and more gets introduced to the sw galaxy over time? I mean when swc was created there were┬┤t as much info about sw galaxy as it is today and I expect that there will be more in a year then what there is today.


Year 12 Day 255 18:03
Tyr, I've always been under the impression that any new planets that are added will go to sectors that will be empty after the galaxy change. That means that even if you only have 75% of the systems in your sector, no more will be added at this point. Obviously at some point it may come down to that, but considering that ~50% of the sectors are empty at the moment, its seems pointless to mess with factions and their control when there are perfectly viable choices elsewhere that won't affect anyone.

Of course, I would guess that these currently empty sectors that have planets added won't be subject to the same whims, and so may have more planets added after control has been established. Thats the sensible option to me at least, but Jesfa is the one leading this so who knows where it will go.


Year 12 Day 257 0:29
Ku`Bakai Roche

It would be cool if we could emulate a true galaxy, but I'm not sure the game engine could take the millions to billions of stars it would take :).

Still it might be a way to go about it. Stars really wouldn't be hidden, after all they could easily be plotted with telescopes. The difference might be some are unexplored. Thus you'd need someone to go to it and find out if any planets are there.

In canon a sector in the Old Republic days had a maximum of 50 habitable planets. (By the time of the Imperial Remnant a sector had on average 125 habitable planets).

It doesn't matter how you go about it. The larger factions will still gobble up the lion share of the available systems just by sheer size and capacity. The only way to prevent that would be some way of draining their resources before then but to do that you basically also cripple any small organizations, its kinda a catch 22.

One way you could slow it down would be that a newly discovered planet within someones space would not allow others to build on it for say 90 days. If however the owning faction of the space hasn't built on it by then and claimed it, it becomes a free planet that anyone can build on. This however might stifle exploration as there is less benefit to the explorer. If there was a chance for ruins etc that might give xp bonus or other benefits (gear etc) then you might could still entice the explorer to find things he can't necessarily build on.


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