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Year 12 Day 238 16:10
I don't quite understand how to calculate how much income I make with facilities. I would like to know how to calculate what a city makes and what individual facilities make.


Year 12 Day 238 16:26
The formulas should be in the rules. There are really a lot of factors you'll have to consider such that the easiest method is merely to find individuals who own income facilities on that planet or check for listings on CPM from that planet for ideas how much certain income facilities seem to be making. You'll start to get a feel for what a good income facility makes, depending on which kind it is. As for a city, well it depends on how you design it based on access, terrain and other special considerations.


Year 12 Day 238 18:35
Ya that's what I'm trying to do, build a city. But the formula in the rules is gibberish to me. Does someone have a simplified version of it?


Year 12 Day 238 19:04
I understand what you're asking because there was a time I was looking for the same kind of information. I also understand that the rules present only basic knowledge on the subject. This is a general questions forum but IC information can't be provided here. I would ask some of your friends, or feel free to contact myself via DM, and I'll share what I know on the subject.

Year 12 Day 238 19:17
The uberman simpleman formula for an income city (if that's your goal): 1.5 total ER value / 4 offices, 4 taverns, 4 hotels, 2-3 garages / no labor camps, no slave markets, no over-proliferation of parks. Whatever else you can fit. Voila!


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Year 12 Day 238 20:59
Christian Hall

Extra questions: which facls lower ER
no threadjack meant

Year 12 Day 238 21:02
Any facility with more flats than jobs will lower ER, to varying degrees based upon the disparity between the two.

Year 12 Day 238 21:44
Kuro Neko

Also know that ER is calculated on a planet-wide basis. Your city may have ER=1.5, but if the rest of the planet is way off that then the average may not be close to 1.5, and hence FI is compromised.

You can see the planet-wide ER from the Show Stats link when listing your city in inventiry.


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Year 12 Day 238 22:01
And the ER is listed in the City Designer, so you can play around with facilities and see what effect each of them has on the ER for that city.


Year 12 Day 238 22:11
Christian Hall

Thank you. My Internet cafe time was running out so i didn't have time to play with the city designer :P

Year 12 Day 249 18:51
Sorry about the long time between posts. Forgot about this thread completely. Anyway's, thank you all for your input.


Year 12 Day 277 0:23
Mayas Lennorian

Another question. It's second time it happends to me. My facilities did almost 500k profit, I was informed about that fact in the inventory menu, BUT the money never came to me :( I have screenshots if someone won't believe me. All facils are powered and the rest is set like the rules say. I don't know why the reason of this :( It should be working fine :( Where is my money :(

Year 12 Day 277 0:32
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Are you sure you didn't switch the operator and manager?

Year 12 Day 277 0:35
Money is always sent to the manager, so if you aren't assigned as manager, you won't get the income.


Year 12 Day 277 2:42
Mayas Lennorian

I am set as a manager. There's no mistake in here.

Year 12 Day 277 2:47
Did you get events informing you of the amount the facilities made (should be in your General events)?

Also, is the operator active and are they opened to all?

Year 12 Day 277 13:57
Mayas Lennorian

3xYES :)

Year 12 Day 277 20:46
Uh, if you have the events, how do you know you didn't get the money?


Year 12 Day 278 0:08
Maybe he checked his Credit Transaction Sheet and noticed that no credits were actually sent to him

Year 12 Day 278 0:37
Mayas Lennorian

Exactly Tiali :)

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