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Year 12 Day 244 10:59
Lance Starlight

I'm looking for the best ship to use as my HQ ship? You know a place to keep my smaller ships,NPCs,equipment and stuff.


Year 12 Day 244 11:25
That question leaves a lot of room for possibility and can vary depending on what exactly you are looking for in the ship itself. If you just need a vessel that can carry smaller ships and your random cargo, then there's quite a few.

I'm assuming you're a bit newer and don't have access to a vast wealth (apologies if that is a hasty presumption!) so I would recommend the following:

Marauder Corvette ( http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Capital_Ships&ID=5 )
- The cheapest of your options. It is very slow in hyperdrive but modestly decent in sublight travel. Moderately armed, with a relatively small cargo capacity for ships and vehicles. (cpm database avg. price: 21mil)

YV-666 ( http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Capital_Ships&ID=38 )
- Just slightly more expensive than the Marauder (avg. price: 25mil). Fast hyperdrive and moderately fast sublight with a moderate cargo space for ships and vehicles. Only lightly armed.

Quasar Fire-Class Cruiser ( http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Capital_Ships&ID=80 )
- Decent hyperdrive and good sublight speeds. Decent capacity for small ships, but a huge capacity in volume for storing items. No hangar bay so it cannot hold vehicles. Also only meagerly armed. It's also a bit of a jump in price at an avg. of 38mil.

If my presumption of your wealth is off the mark, then the next big step above these are also these two vessels:

CR90a Corvette ( http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Capital_Ships&ID=108 )
- Fast sublight, good capacity, decently armed, but no hangar bay for vehicles. Also, it's currently restricted technology so any of these on the public market will be extremely expensive (cpm database avg. price: 124mil)

Bayonet Light Cruiser ( http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Capital_Ships&ID=125 )
- Fast hyperdrive, very good capacity for its size, decently armed and can hold vehicles. It is an old CP vessel so it's currently rare and so it too will be extremely expensive (avg. price: 207mil)

Year 12 Day 244 11:37
Lance Starlight

I'm looking for a good ship and NPC transporter mainly. And I don't have much money now but I wanted to know what to set my goal to at the start so the price doesn't matter really. And thank you for the help


Year 12 Day 244 12:30
Ordinii Gotha

If you are looking to transport large amounts of NPCs you will need to take a closer look at the ships mentioned by Malina up there, because they differ a bit on the passenger capacity;

Marauder : 200
YV-666 : 25
CR90a : 155
Quasar : 250

You can compensate for the low capacity of the YV by getting a few Sprint-Class Rescue Crafts that can hold 47 passengers in addition to the pilot, or expand the capacity of the other vessels.

Year 12 Day 244 12:53
There is no one best ship. She'll be blunt on that. It depends on what you want to do with yourself. Right now Kyria uses a 2 ship combo. a C-3 and a DX-9. the C-3 holds over 1,000 people on it, can hold a couple of other ships inside it, and has room for a couple of vehicles as well.

If you need something bigger ships like the Namana and Bayonet come to mind, but expect to pay lots.


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Year 12 Day 244 19:49
Of course there is a best ship - the Namana. Decent cargo capacity for both ships and vehicles, average speed for caps, can land, has a tractor beam for satellites. Bayonet is similar, but maybe more expensive as its older.


Year 12 Day 244 21:25
For those ships that don't have a hanger bay, you get around that by docking any vehicles you have inside another ship and docking that inside your main ship (specially handy if you happen to pick a cap ship that can't land)

Year 12 Day 244 21:48
Ordinii and Tiali bring up a good point - whichever vessel you decide upon, you can increase the stats by docking vessels which themselves can improve it: YT1210's will give you vehicle docking capacity, DX-9 and Sprint's will give you NPC passenger capacity, etc. Look through the rules pages and see what fits best for your needs.

Year 12 Day 245 1:17
Ryan Roche

But that's not really how those features are meant to be played. The Bayonet has less docking room for fighters and less rooms than the Namana, which is indeed one of the best ships around. Too bad that it just doesn't look so good.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 12 Day 245 9:22
There is no one best ship.

- "Kyria Wild"
Yes there is!

Tartan Patrol Cruiser

Lance, more important than cargo capacity is sensors. They're what'll keep you alive in the long run. That rules out anything with less than 8 sensors, including the YV-666.

Freighter-wise, the best are the ATR-6, YT-1210, and PLY-3000. But in terms of capital ships, most have eight sensors, so you have lots to choose from. A while ago I did some research, and I concluded that the second best ship is the CR-90a Corvette. The first, being the Tartan, is extremely rare. On the other hand, there's a datacard for the CR-90a. And despite being restricted tech, this means that there's plenty more of them than Tartans.

Year 12 Day 245 14:12
Don't listen to Phil. some overpowered sensors have damaged his brain into thinking that sensors are the best thing to have. You don't need tons of sensors (anything above 4 is great) and it's much better to have some cargo space than not.


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Year 12 Day 245 18:12
Don't listen to Phil. some overpowered sensors have damaged enhanced his brain into thinking that sensors are the best thing to have. You don't need tons of sensors (anything above 4 8 is great) and it's much better to have some cargo space than not. 



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Year 12 Day 245 18:33
Sensors are certainly a factor that need to be considered when looking at ships, but they are not the only factor.

The Tartan and the CR-90A are both rather slow ships, with only a hyper of 2. The Namana has a 3, and the Bayonet has a 4. While the Tartan wins on sensors with 12, the speed advantage of the Bayonet (and to a lesser degree the Namana) cannot be understated, as travel times are already long enough in this game. You certainly don't want to be going beyond your immediate area with a hyper 2 ship. The Bayonet and Namana also have a wider range of weapons than the Tartan, and could be argued to be better armed (although it depends how Turbolasers stack up to Heavy Lasers). The Tartan does have the advantage in hull and shields. The CR-90A is certainly the least well armed and armoured of the four.

The C-3, mentioned earlier, is the fastest capship available with hyper 6, does come with 8 sensors, but is weakly armoured and completely unarmed. It also lacks the landing capacity of the other 4, so an accompanying "shuttle" ship is a must. If you're transporting NPCs, the capacity of your other ship then also becomes a factor.

If you're looking for something with more bite, there's always the Kaloth. There usually seems to be plenty of them on CPM, and while they're slow (hyper 2), they have 8 sensors, and are probably the best armed ship that's generally available, combined with survivability on par with the Tartan. The other downside besides the speed is that, like the C-3, they do not land, making an additional "shuttle" vessel a requirement.


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Year 12 Day 245 23:59
Arete, there are no weapons (currently) that could fire outside of 3 squares away, making 4 sensors the perfect amount for a non-military ship, whereas 8 or more is good if you're trying to protect a system against pirates.


Not even Death's embrace shall save you from me.

There are too many good guys in this galaxy, which is why you have me.

Year 12 Day 246 0:02
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Having half the sensor range means having half the warning time.

Year 12 Day 246 0:50
Actually Fuikai, you have it backwards: non-military ships need as many sensors as they can cram in so they don't get jumped by a military ship unawares

Year 12 Day 246 2:25
Ryan Roche

Don't know who created the stats for the Tartan cruiser, but in canon it shouldn't be as large as 600 meters and that well armoured. The corvette-like ship was created for EaW for destroying small rebel fighters, and here in SWC its a huge capital ship.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 12 Day 246 14:53
I actually agree with Ryan on this one, it is way larger than canon. I'm not sure about the armor's canon-ness, but it doesn't really need that much anyway. It has enough sensors, sublight speed, and weapons to deal with a squadron of fighters. Which is about the most dangerous thing I'd ever even think of attacking without supplementary fighters and friendly capital ships.

/Me prays for a new CP ships with >12 sensors.

Year 12 Day 246 15:37
/me watches Bromley's prayers go unanswered.

Year 12 Day 246 16:13
Ordinii Gotha

Phillips idea of an adult magazine; SSD Sensor Spec Sheet


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