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Archives » Why Is UzimakiKun a bad username?
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Year 12 Day 253 18:02
Gavin, there have been several examples of people with accounts performing the correspondence for their sibling/partner/etc when the second person attempted to register. The second attempt that I declined for being a name from another source did clearly list that the application was a multi with Devon.

I must have been typing on automatic when I wrote the above message, since there is insufficient evidence to prove he's attempting to register a second account for himself, although the circumstances are a little suspicious.

It has been well noted by the relevant people that the inquiries are being made by an already-registered account, trust me.


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Year 12 Day 253 18:14
Just because we don't advertise our suspicions and our investigations doesn't mean we're clueless.


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Year 12 Day 253 18:36
They is sneakies like that ^

How do you expect them to catch bad peoples if they advertise the fact they is watching everything that is going on?

Year 12 Day 253 18:37
Shuji Shizuka

All it would do is create (somewhat) sneakier bad guys.


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Year 12 Day 253 18:38
They is sneakies like that 

Makes the multi registering people... sneakier

Edit: Shuji...Ninja.

Edited By: Gavin Rollan on Year 12 Day 253 18:39

Year 12 Day 253 19:27
Shuji Shizuka

I am, I have this avvy specifically so that I can ninja people ^_^


This user is currently in the process of moving, and so is semi-inactive.
Year 12 Day 263 19:49
Deleted Post
Deleted by Dado Lincrusta. Reason: Quoted wrong rule.
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