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Year 12 Day 253 19:19
how do you post a new Idea for a droid because I have a few

Year 12 Day 253 19:49
New entities are a restricted topic because we are not accepting suggestions at this time. Chances are the droids you want to suggest are already on the R&D list.


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Year 12 Day 253 20:07
okay where can I find this R&D list?

Year 12 Day 253 21:10
You cannot its available only to the devs and the people working on it.


Year 12 Day 253 21:41
Shuji Shizuka

Not to threadjack or anything, but...why? I mean, the new galaxy map is public, in a vague sort of way. Why not release the planned R&D list?


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Year 12 Day 253 22:01
Because part of the concept of R&D, last I was aware, is that you won't know exactly what you're working on until you finish. If people know what's on the R&D list, then they'll be more likely to figure out what they need to research next to get to their intended goal.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 12 Day 253 22:23
Going kinda off what Shuji said, is there any way the devs could tell us what to expect from R&D when it does come out? What will the process be like? Sort of a "sneak peak", if you will.


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Year 12 Day 253 23:26
Most recent plans were a tech tree style, where you needed to R&D each step to move upwards. Some entities would be restricted to the first X people or whatever, others would be for everyone.

Beyond that, how to R&D and progress has a couple of different paths that are being thought of.

As for the lists being publically available, as Hal said its to prevent people from trying to plan far ahead etc. However it will follow canon progression as much as can be decided at least (ie YT-1210 -> YT-1300, etc) so in that regard you can guess and work from that. I've been working on a ship tree for Sin, but he plans on getting Jesfa to link groups of ships that aren't canonly linked so players like me don't know how to get there (ie going from a Hapan Battledragon to a stardestroyer, there is no real canon link so one will have to be added somewhere - that will be up to the devs to decide where to place it).


Year 12 Day 254 18:43
You want a preview of R&D?


Everything we add is on that site, somewhere.