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Archives » Space Command vs Infantry Command
Year 12 Day 255 13:52
Gort Horth

Once space combat is implemented, will it function similarly to infantry combat, meaning: does the Space Command skill enable a player to control 1 squad directly, gaining his/her bonuses to things like piloting/movement and combat/targeting, and then 1+N (skill level) additional squads indirectly that receive only the leadership, piloting and combat bonuses of their NPC commanders?

Also, could someone be plain as to what can be squaded? The fighters can be squaded, some freighters can be squaded, and NO Cap ships can be squaded?

Do make this last question more plain, is it true that for a cap ship to enter combat, it MUST be piloted by a PC?

Just asking since there are obviously a lot more cap ships in the game than there are players. . .so what does this mean? Can cap ships defend without PC's?


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Year 12 Day 255 17:59
You are talking about a feature that has yet to be coded and implemented. So, while yes its likely that they work like the ground version, using currently squadable entities, it is subject to change and so no-one really knows until its finally released.