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Archives » Looking to start playing again
Year 12 Day 256 12:50
Hi, a couple years back i played this with a character called Duustal Bey. I was looking start again but would like to start fresh with a new character is there anyway to delete my old one so i can use my old email account.

Year 12 Day 256 14:19
Ka`rla Leakey

If you never got your character past level 1, it will have been deleted after 9 months of inactivity.

If you were level 2 or higher then you will likely need to use the lost password feature to log in as your old character and get it killed. Getting killed can be done by either flying into a sun or asking somebody with arrest privileges to kill you. The people who control the sector/planet you are in/on will do that for you.

Year 12 Day 256 14:31
Duustal Bey

actually im stuck on a ship which i cant pilot and i cant figure out who owns
the ship

Year 12 Day 256 14:42
Use the Contact Support option at the bottom of the menu. They might be able to just drop this character, since you've been trapped so long, and you can create a new one (might be a week delay before you can recreate).


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Year 12 Day 256 15:11
Duustal Bey

ok. Thank you for the help and i hope to be back and flying soon