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Year 12 Day 256 21:32
Xanatos Darkstar

I was reading the rules regarding life and death and I noticed that pretty much anything with a manager/operator will get given to them upon your death. Why do cities go to the market? Why do they not go to the administrators or commissioners?

edit: Sorry I think I should have put this under general questions and not here.

Edited By: Xanatos Darkstar on Year 12 Day 256 21:48
Year 12 Day 257 0:50
I don't know the exact reasoning, I would assume it would be because there's a possibility the commander/pilot of an entity would be using that entity at the time and we wouldn't want them to be trapped there; conversely there's not really a way to be trapped on a city slab (facilities which may be there notwithstanding).

The less poetic answer is that the commander/pilot positions for a city are worthless everywhere else, so why give them any regard in regards to death asset handling. =/