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Year 12 Day 258 15:08
Hi guys I just looked at my npc's.I noticed I have 2 melee troopers with different xp points to lvl why is this.

both are lvl 1 1 needs 3000 to lvl the other needs 6000 to lvl

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Year 12 Day 258 17:29
A lvl 1 NPC needs 1000 exp to lvl, lvl 2 needs 3000, at least that is how mah NPCs are (don't have any lvl 3's yet)

Year 12 Day 258 17:40
Are you sure they're level 1?

NPCs that are level 2 need 3000 XP to level, those which are level 3 need 6000 XP.

Post a screenshot if you still think there's something wrong.

Year 12 Day 258 18:04
O I just went back and doubled checked looks like the 3000 is lvl 2 and the 6000 iss a lvl 3.sorry I wasnt aware they lvled up.
Thanks guys,I was really confussed there.

Shouldnt it notify me if they lvl?

Thanks again

Year 12 Day 258 19:11
Year 12 Day 259 3:39
I'll plug into this thread with other, though I think similar question.
I've noticed (when I was buying NPCs about 1,5 month ago) that all newly bought NPCs have 0 XP. Is that intentional?
I mean - if they start at level 1 - ok... They need 1000XP to level 2 and then next 2000XP to get to level 3 (for total of 3k XP), and next 3000 to lvl 4 (for total of 6k)
But if an NPC is bought with starting level 2 or 3, he still has 0 XP. Which means that each of them has still to gather 6000XP to level up to level 4.
Is that intended? I think if we happen to buy a 'more experienced' - thus having a higher starting level NPC, he should already have that 'experience' from which his level comes.
So probably an NPC bought with starting lvl 2 should already have 1000k experience, and that on level 3 should have 3000k experience already, and need respectively 5k and 3k to level up to level 4?
Otherwise the starting XP level at which we buy NPCs has any meaning only if we don't plan on training them at all and leave them at starting levels. Otherwise - as it's now, all my NPCs - those that had lvl 1, 2 and 3 alike, leveled up to lvl 4 at same exact moment of time, needing same amount of training, even though the lower levels should in my understanding need more training ;)

Is that a bug? A feature? Something intended or not? ;P


Year 12 Day 259 4:30
You sure they are Level 2/3 and not Rank 2/3? Ah remember reading about having to change the rules page because it gave the impression NPCs could only reach max Level 3

Year 12 Day 259 4:42
What kind of Rank are you writing of?
I know only that NPCs have experience levels - like player characters, and freshly bought NPCs (in a proper facility) start randomly with experience level 1, 2 or 3. But they all have XP 0... lvl 1 NPCs have 0/1000XP until next level (2), lvl 2 NPCs have 0/3000XP until next level (3) and level 3 NPCs have 0/6000XP until next level (4) when bought.
I know full well that NPCs can have level higher than 3 because they all are level 4 now ;P


Year 12 Day 259 7:47
Oh dear. I got the column names changed to avoid exactly this sort of issues. What you are talking about is class level. They are still XP level 1, but their class level will determine the boost to some of their skills.


Year 12 Day 259 11:40
Just can't help some people, Ellias. =P

Year 12 Day 259 14:51
Ah... So it is 'class level' 1, 2 or 3, but accidentally freshly recruited NPCs also have XP Level 1, 2 or 3 needing respectively 1000, 3000 or 6000 until next level (like ones I recruited had)?
What is the difference then, because maybe I'm dumb, but I can't discern between the 'class level' and 'XP level' if both change XP Level field, XP needed for next level and available skill points?

For each NPC type, there are 3 different classes that are available, with class 1 being the lowest and class 3 being the highest. There is a 60% chance that the NPC will be of class 1, 30% chance of class 2, and only 10% chance of class 3. Please refer to each NPC category to find the default skills of each type of NPC. 

Where does that refer to? I can't see any default skill lists in Military NPCs and Civil NPCs pages... Is something missing or I'm foolishly looking in nearby tabs instead of completely elsewhere?

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Year 12 Day 259 15:09
From what ah understand, the 'class level' means they get bonus Skill Points over another NPC of the same experience level

Year 12 Day 259 17:36
Uh, every NPC you hire is XP level 1. You do not get any XP level 2 or 3 NPCs when you hire them. If you look at the list of NPCs, they have a column telling you which skills them have. If you look closely, there are 3 smaller columns there, with different numbers. The first column is for Class level 1, the second for class level 2 and the last one for class level 3.


Year 12 Day 261 10:08
The class level columns are no longer on the rules page.


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Year 12 Day 261 12:07
or at least I can't find it. I know I saw it some time ago, but I guess it was removed.
I guess I'll have to hire some new NPCs to check it out, but I was sure that some of my NPCs didn't level up to level 2 or 3, but leveled up only to 4 and had 0/3000 and 0/6000 until next level, because all my squads have leveled up already...


Year 12 Day 266 21:20
Anakin le Fay
Anakin le Fay
I recall reading somewhere in the rules/wiki that CP Levels were removed a few months ago. NPC's now start at either Level 1, 2, or 3.

XP: 525/6,000
XP Level: 3

As you can see, it says XP Level--not CP Level. And as the required XP to reach the next XP Level is 6,000 (which is what a normal player needs to reach Level 4), that is further proof that the NPC is currently Level 3.


Year 12 Day 266 21:46
If that is indeed the case, then is a change that was not broadcast via SimNews which is usually the forum for such significant changes to the game. Interesting.