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Archives » Inactive Player Stuck On My Ship ~ HELP ME
Jerris Dronos

I have a problem that I desperately need fixed...

Another player (Cody Laat) is stuck on my ship...
...and he hasn't logged in since Year 11 Day 274.

He is wasting space aboard my ship...
What can be done to remove him from my ship?


Flight Sergeant Jerris Dronos
Imperial Navy

“Service, Fealty, Fidelity”
You could arrest him and move him off.


It's a known fact that painting a red stripe on an X-wing makes it go faster.
As Jorus said, arresting him and moving him off your ship (then releasing him) is probably going to be your quickest solution. Otherwise you could move the ship to the ground and then submit a support ticket requesting that Cody be moved off your ship. Include the ship ID number and all the details if you go that route.

Year 12 Day 261 11:05
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Jerris Dronos

Thank you for your help, but...
  1. Freelancers cannot arrest or execute. 

How do I submit a support ticket?

You don't. This is an in character problem that needs to be solved with in character means.



no its not! if the player where active it would be in IC problem, but since the play hasn't bin on in a very long time it should be ok to look for other options.


You also cannot get access to inactive characters ships through a support ticket, so your argument is invalid. Join a faction and arrest him.



Ignore Brazi as he is wrong.

You will need to join the appropriate faction and satisfy the other criteria in order to arrest. The reason an admin can assist is because the kick passenger feature has been removed. You're best option is just to A/E.

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Brazi is wrong but do as he says? =p

...The reason an admin can assist is because the kick passenger feature has been removed... 

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

-Join a faction and arrest him.

-Ignore Brazi as he is wrong. Your best option is just to A/E.

You don't have to execute him, just move him off the need to be excessively cruel here ;)


It's a known fact that painting a red stripe on an X-wing makes it go faster.
Is there a point you're trying to make Teya? Because I think it's quite obvious what I meant. It requires a little thinking I know, but it shouldn't be too hard...

Ten, you know I love you, but you're trolling.

Brazi is wrong that this is an IC problem that needs to be dealt with by IC means. Submitting a support ticket (using the Contact Support link at the bottom of the menu) is a valid method of resolving this situation.

That being said, using a faction to gain A/E privs and deal with it yourself might be an easier and more expedient course of action, as Elijah pointed out. But it is not a requirement.


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Jerris Dronos

Thank you all for your help!

I think I will try submitting a support ticket first.

BTW Jorus... I wasn't going to have him executed! ;)

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Yes, there is a point, one I thought was at least as obvious as yours. Telling someone to ignore everything someone says followed by the same instructions that you told them to ignore is rather contradictory.

I realize that on the internet (and in swc in particular) there is a pressing need to be both vague and rude, but I think that it's important to be clear when you're answering someone's question, or correcting the answer to one, when in the question centre section.