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Year 12 Day 262 19:55
Vrei Mortii

I looked around and I wasn't able to find anything for a page with all the weapon stats. Is there some way to see the maximum amount of damage, hit ratio, shots fired, ect. from each weapon in the game?

I apologize in advance if I overlooked something.

Year 12 Day 262 20:07

Year 12 Day 263 1:54
My regular login doesn't work on that site. How do I log in there?

Year 12 Day 263 5:27
The real question is: how do you view that link?

Year 12 Day 263 5:29
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

By having a dev server account, naturally.

Year 12 Day 263 5:41
Which is invitational only, so not much help for the vast unwashed masses (and your laundry)

Year 12 Day 263 6:51
Vrei Mortii

I was a bit confused as to why I was brought straight to the log-in page. . So there is no such list that members can view?

Year 12 Day 263 7:28
Ka`rla Leakey

Pretty sure one was posted in the creature combat thread at some point. Check that.

Year 12 Day 263 8:33
Yeah, Sin did post a list in the creature combat thread somewhere, but you'll have to hunt for it. Best to start from the newest posts and work your way back.


Year 12 Day 263 8:37
Vrei Mortii

Good call Ka`rla! I found it on page 46 of the creature combat thread. This is only a rough outline for now correct?

Anyway, thank you all for the help!

Here's the link-

Year 12 Day 263 11:59
Ah sorry, didn't know you had to be logged in.

Don't kno w hat you mean by "rough outline", it's the numbers for each weapon in list/table format. The numbers may change in the future for balancing.

Year 12 Day 263 12:09
Is there anything that shows the skill points needed for each weapon, and the accuracy of the weapon?

Year 12 Day 263 12:30
Vrei Mortii

I meant like a "rough draft" because creature combat just came out so I figured it would change with time.

Year 12 Day 263 12:47
I don't respond to Guest posts.

Vrei, as I said, the numbers may change to balance out damage figures but I wouldn't look for that to happen in the near future, as I think stability and that sort of thing are more pressing issues right now.

Year 12 Day 263 13:29
Vrei Mortii

Of course. Thank you for your valued information Mikel, you've been a great help.