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Archives » How to change my Player Profile Location?
Since it can't be altered by the player themselves, what's the correct process for having your location on the player profile changed? (And the map that shows where all the Combine users live.)

I submitted a support ticket, but haven't had a reply yet. I was wondering if this was a support-related issue or not?

Uh, you do change it yourself. Either type in your location or use the map - there is a link there to see everyone, but thats not where you put in your location.


Go to the Account Settings page and click on the location, between where it says "Location:" and the link to the member map. That'll take you to this page, where you can edit or remove your location.

Way to be helpful, Ellias. =P

Doh! Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

I never actually hovered my mouse over the field in the Acct Settings page, as I expected the editable fields to look like the email one... a clearly marked text box such as the email and IRC ones.

The location one is quite sneaky!

(Although as Mikel very helpfully pointed out, it's technically a link to the editable field for location. :)