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Year 12 Day 265 14:20
Was wondering how to link a page,or can someone point me in the right direction of how this is done.

Thanks again

Year 12 Day 265 14:34
The HTML codes are found on the right when you are replying

Year 12 Day 265 19:14
can you be a little more specific? what exactly is it you are trying to link to? and where are you trying to post the link?

in most cases if you open your browser to the page you want to link to, then copy whats in your browsers address bar. you will be able to paste that in a forum, or messenger of your choice.

I hope that is what you where asking. if not please be more specific with your question and i'll try to help more.


Year 12 Day 265 20:58
Was trying to post a thread fromthe gaming forum to a message

Year 12 Day 265 21:33
Like Raheem said, open up the thread you want to link, copy the browser address and paste that in the message (the codes work in DM's as well, and making it a clicky-link is nicer than having them C&P)

Year 12 Day 265 21:55
Awsome I think I got it thanks guys

Year 12 Day 266 5:47
happy to help :)