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Archives » NPCs: Just for looks, or do they serve a purpose?
Okay, I've been wondering if I can tell my NPCs to do anything, or do they just kinda sit around and take up space?

Kendall Holm

Depends ... most of them do nothing. Some do specific jobs and others (most) do nothing


The ones that I know have a function are:

*Tutorial class (people can talk to them to learn about the game)

*Rifleman (can join your squad to attack creatures) some NPCs might also do this, but I'm not sure

*Dirt haulers (mining)

*Builder (constructing facilities and stations)

*Worker (constructing ships/vehicles/items)


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Kendall Holm

I do believe the repair NPCs work too for repairing


repairing what? as far as i know right now nothing can be damaged.


Ships can be damaged by sunning.


Zero Turner

I have a ship damaged in a Red Scenario.

Kendall Holm

He asked which ones can do anything and from what I read repair NPCs can be used Repair Rules

Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 12 Day 267 15:26

I think that all NPC classes can now be used for combat. Presumably those military NPCs will just be better as they have the skills to use weapons (once thats implemented). Plus, you can make all NPCs walk around to get XP as well. And you can equip them with a sensor pack, wear one yourself, and then share sensors with them.


alright. How can I make one walk around with out me? or do they have to be in my party?

Haven't had the chance personally yet, but should have the commands on the Party screen (the drop down menu at the bottom)

You select the NPCs at your location, and choose the 'Patrol' option in the drop down menu. Then you can set waypoints for them to walk to, and they will then continuously walk between them.

THe number of squads you can do this is given in the Ground Combat rules page.


Alright. Sounds good. Thanks everybody.