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Archives » Custom NPCs: But not custom pics
Year 12 Day 272 19:05
Alright. I tried to get my first custom NPC today, but it was denied because of the following: my picture wasn't 100x100, it didn't have a black background, and it didn't have the combine border. So how the heck am I supposed to get a picture like that exactly?

And it sounds like they just want you to use the pictures that are supplied by the combine for NPCs. If it is supposed to be a "custom" NPC, why are there so many stupid restrictions for the pictures? That doesn't seem to be very cutomizable to me.

Anyhow, if someone could tell me how to get a picture that even works with these requirements, could you please help me out?

Year 12 Day 272 19:25
You ask someone to make one, or you make one yourself.


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Year 12 Day 272 19:30
It's custom, you get to decide how he looks like.
Custom of mine:

Year 12 Day 272 21:14
Here's some help...
New tutorials and resources!

The example uses a ship, but the same goes for any custom image, if you want to attempt this on your own. Also, please feel free to DM me with your image info, and I'll try to help you get what you want... free of charge for the first image. Cheers!


Year 12 Day 272 23:12
We want all the NPCs to look consistent. The inventory pages, scanner pages, position pages etc are all designed with a 100x100 image in mind. Using anything larger (or smaller) just throws that out of whack and makes it look ugly.

Background need to be black, again to be consistent with every other entity in the game - only player images are not so regulated since they can/are changed quite often. And the same with the border, keeps things looking like they belong.

You can however change what the image looks like. Just take a picture of what you want, use a photo editing program like photoshop to cut it down, give it a black background and stick the border around it. If you don't have the tools to do it, just pay an artist to do it for you - many are available for something so simple.