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Year 12 Day 288 1:54
Someone posted on the forum yesterday. Today his profile says: "Never Logged In." Does that mean he's dead? Thanks!

Year 12 Day 288 2:00
Whats with all the questions from Guests? Log in and ask your question.


Year 12 Day 288 2:11
If his profile says "never logged in", and he already posted in the forums, it is because he was dead, and now has respawned.

The "never logged in" feature, along with the "This player is banned", is a good way to track a character and see if he is still existing.

Just out of curiousity, is the profile still indicating that the player is banned? It was a nice way to track down respawns, including the ones with hidden profiles... I wonder if it still works.

Also, guest status is cool, and for this kind of question I suppose OP was stalking the guy on the forums, so he found the way to ask without revealing his true face. The guest status is a nice way to avoid any IC/OOC separation flaws, since a lot of people (including me) are often using OOC methods to get IC informations...

Year 12 Day 288 2:26
Thanks for the informative response. I post a question as guest merely so everyone doesn�t know I�m dumb.

And to Elias:
Where does it say that asking a question as a guest is a rule violation?
And what difference does it make whether the question is from a guest or from a named person?

If you don�t want to answer a question from a guest, fine. But there is no need for snobbery.

Year 12 Day 288 2:30
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

All profiles currently say 'never logged in', a glance at a few additional profiles could've told you that.

Year 12 Day 288 2:44
It's easier for Asims to help you if you post while logged in. They would immediately know who you are, check your account for weird things or try to reproduce your problem.

If you log in as guest, the above things are mostly impossible.

Year 12 Day 288 2:55
Yes, but in this situation, you cannot post with your account without revealing you were stalking someone. "I can't undock RM from my ship" is a generic question, who doesn't needs anonymous status, but when it comes to spying on other people, it is best to stay anonymous.

Year 12 Day 288 4:46
And your original question listed a specific person implying that they will know you were checking their account? Right, no. So there was no risk of that.


Year 12 Day 288 5:10
But it was still a question that didn't need to be logged in to ask

Year 12 Day 288 6:33
Ezekiel Stringfellow

On many forums, you must create an account to post on the forum, though guests may read any of the public forums at their leisure.

Perhaps the Combine could folllow suit?

Year 12 Day 288 6:46
Most of all imageboards doesn't need an account to post, hence their popularity.

Also, this is the question centre, the only place when you can ask things without needing to be logged in. The purpose of theses forums are to help people, including the ones who would have issues logging in.

As a side effect, theses board may be used for either asking questions without looking like a total idiot in front of everyone, or also for banned people to still keep in touch with the only tiny bits of SWC they can get.

Year 12 Day 288 7:00
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

No, these boards are not to keep banned people connected to SWC, stop making Guest/Visitor look like a total idiot in front of everyone.

Year 12 Day 288 7:23
Yes, if you have an issue logging in/registering then the guest option is perfectly fine. If you are asking questions about various gameplay effects, not logging in makes no sense as you would have to log in to make any use of said answers.

And seriously, you have terrible friends if they make fun of you for not knowing feature X. I know people that have been here for 5+ years and still don't know certain features such as construction etc. Doesn't stop them asking.


Year 12 Day 288 8:16
It�s not friends who are terrible. Some self-important people answer legitimate questions in this forum with snobbery and sarcasm.

Is that disrespectful attitude supposed to encourage players?

Then people wonder why some players prefer to post our questions anonymously as guests?

Year 12 Day 288 9:30
My question,why are you guys just now complaining about them doing it as guest?

Year 12 Day 288 9:36
I think the guest has some self-confidence issues. He sure can talk the smack, but can he own up to his words? Obviously the answer is no since he continues his posting as "guest." Would be nice if an Asim came along and told us who it was...

And seriously, if it bothers you so much what random people on the internet think of you then I recommend sticking to real life. Unless you're trying to hide from that too...

Ray: because it's becoming commonplace. As Ellias said it's designed to help players who have problems logging in/registering. On occasion the anonymous question when it's of an IC sensitive nature. However, guest could have looked around at other profiles to answer his own question but rather chose to announce that he's spying on someone. Short of that he could have simply asked a general question about why profiles are displaying as such. He's not very good at this whole subtlety thing.

Year 12 Day 288 10:12
Thank you Elijah

Year 12 Day 288 12:02
I posted the original question, and estimate that at least 2 other people have posted in this thread as guests. I�m not the one posting smack about spying and banned people using this forum. Jumping to conclusions is not helpful.

Two typically sarcastic responses have said I could have found an answer to my original question by looking at a bunch of profiles. Why would that have occurred to me? How is that solution obvious?

Now Elijah volunteers psychoanalysis as well.

Like I said before, if someone does not want to answer a question, fine.

But why is it that some of you cannot find more constructive things to do instead of responding to questions with your snobbery and sarcasm?

Year 12 Day 288 12:20
Dear Guest,

In answer to your question "Someone posted on the forum yesterday. Today his profile says: "Never Logged In." Does that mean he's dead? Thanks!" - Currently the website code for profiles reads as "Never Logged In" for the status of all viewable profiles (as Ten mentioned earlier). It is something that will be fixed hopefully soon. Otherwise until then, it is simply a glitch in the system.

It's unfortunate that your question has been met with so much snark, criticism and sarcasm. I hope this answers your question in a more forthright and constructive manner.

Carry on good sir.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 288 14:09
I posted the original question, and estimate that at least 2 other people have posted in this thread as guests. I'm not the one posting smack about spying and banned people using this forum.

- a "guest"

Yet another reason to log in when posting. Thanks.

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