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Year 12 Day 289 5:08
Baz Yen,

There should be no way to track if someone is dead in game (apart from either them, or their killer telling people... personally, I think saying "OMG, I just died!" is terrible roleplaying... but meh).

It does look like there's a bug in regards to the 'never logged in', giving everyone that status right now, so don't think too much of it.

I would also ignore Siarica Aylina's suggestion (the other guest on this thread) that "is a good way to track a character and see if he is still existing". Given Siarica was recently permabanned for breaking the rules, he's not the best person to take advice from in things which are a 'good idea'.

As for what appears to be an arguement over posting a question as a guest... there really is no need. It is also pointless as it took me a few seconds to find out who you were, Baz. What you said had no detail as to who you were looking at, any information as to why you were looking into it, but asking the question as a guest did suggest that you were intending to use the information for questionable means, given that you are hiding your identity and argued against people who questioned that.


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Year 12 Day 289 17:20
The ability to post as a Guest within the Question Centre is to allow those who cannot log in, or those who do not yet have an account, to post for assistance. It is not intended for normal members to be allowed to hide from being associated with their own questions. If you can log in, you should log in to post.

It's probably worth adding that to the stickies in these forums.

Also note that the Guest feature is not intended to allow permanently banned players to continue trolling the game.


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Year 12 Day 290 15:42
I needed to make a long trip for a delivery. If the recipient is dead, then the trip would be unnecessary.

It was illogical that the recipient had posted on the forum, then a day later his profile said Never Logged In. I wondered if that meant he was dead.

I figured I could get the fastest information by asking in the Question Centre whether Never Logged In meant someone is dead.

My post didn�t explain my motive because I didn�t anticipate that some would react with knee-jerk suspicion. As I said before, I posted as a guest so everyone would not learn how dumb I am.

Most responses offered snobbery, sarcasm, paranoia, accusations, and psychoanalysis. In other words, a typical day in the forums.

I appreciate the constructive, relevant, and polite response of Arete. This would be a much better game if the habitual snobs adopted his approach.

Jenos and some others here regard me as a suspect or bogeyman for posting as a guest, or for asking if Never Logged In meant a character died.

I do not understand that suspicion. I do not see how it is sinister to ask the meaning of Never Logged In, written by programmers on a public profile, as a guest or otherwise.

Is it spying or an exploit to read a public profile?

Year 12 Day 290 16:23
If people in general could be more polite, straightforward, and respectful in all questions forums, I would greatly appreciate it as well.

Consider that a warning.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 290 22:12
Shuji Shizuka

This would be a much better game if the habitual snobs adopted his approach.

- About Arete



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