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Year 12 Day 288 9:59
I was perusing Centrepoint Marketplace the other day, when I came upon this curious listing.

. . . Ewoks military NPCs are a restricted race on Star Wars Combine . . .

- Description of listing

I wasn't even aware that races could be "restricted." Have I been missing something these past few years? When did this happen?


Year 12 Day 288 10:21
The individual who listed the NPCs is just trying to trump up their value. Ewoks are not restricted other than that they can not be played by a PC. Speaking in terms of game mechanics.

When I hire military NPCs I get Ewoks fairly often.

Year 12 Day 288 11:49
Derrik Thynite

You just can't get onto Endor to get the higher chances is what iv'e heard, due to shielding.


Year 12 Day 288 12:22
There may be "restrictions" on NPCs due to planets being shielded (Endor, Kiffex, etc) or because of rarity in existence or faction-limits (Bomarr Monks, Stormtroopers, etc). However as Elijah said, many of the races that are restricted simply out of planetary-shielding may and will still show up in the random hiring of NPCs from other planets.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 290 16:08
Mark Smith

sorry i dont want to steal this post but my question is queit similar to this

what are the rare npc types?

Year 12 Day 290 18:22
What do you mean by rare types? The ones that you cannot hire, or rare races, which don't really exist.

Year 12 Day 290 23:35
Ah believe he's is talking about the brain-spider monks

Or maybe which ones are currently the most sought after

Year 12 Day 291 13:28
I suppose you could consider Stormtrooper NPCs and Bomarr Monks as "rare" types.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.