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Year 12 Day 292 2:30
Darian Dash

I'm wondering if ryll is still implemented.
Can it be used to make death sticks , Bacta Ryfills and Ryll patches.

If it can be used , does it just replace bacta as the required rm?


Year 12 Day 292 3:27
Yes. To all, though for production it uses its own stats rather than simply switching the bacta in the proper items (it may still be the same though, not checked them).


Year 12 Day 294 8:12
Alexander von Ismay

It's the same. So if you wanna look at it as just swapping bacta for ryll, you can. Though as Ellias says, it does have its own stats. Just identical.

Same yield on batch sizes. Same yield on time to finish. Same everything.

Edited By: Alexander von Ismay on Year 12 Day 294 8:14

"Whenever feasible, one should always eat the rude."
Year 12 Day 295 7:34
Darian Dash

Thanks guys.

Alexander , do you offer a production service if one of my guys hops over to you?
Also , wanna buy some ahhhhh sugar :)
Close to cost if in bulk.


Year 12 Day 296 7:57
Alexander von Ismay

Sadly, we dissolved GSE as it was no longer needed at this time.

However, rumor is there will be new Smugglers on the scene soon.

Until then, might ask Dracon Cor (Smugglers Alliance) what he would charge.


"Whenever feasible, one should always eat the rude."